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equila is a spirit of unmistakable character extracted from the blue agave, a plant native to the Mexican countryside, especially the area of Jalisco where the drink originated. Its purity derives from being distilled in Mexico, exclusively from the agave plant, in which case it is considered totally pure and genuine. In all other cases it is known as mixed tequila, for example when other sugars are added during the fermentation process or when it is produced outside of Mexico.

The cultivation and treatment of agave used in tequila is meticulously carried out by expert hands from the planting stage to the harvest, following techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. The jimador is responsible for extracting in on sure chop, the heart of the agave once the fleshy leaves that surround it are removed. Then in the distillery the hearts are piled un in front of the ovens where they will be cooked in order to transform their starches into sugars.

There are three types of tequila: white tequila, which is transparent and has the purest taste, mature tequila, which is kept for two months in wooden barrels, thus acquiring a certain degree of colour and a smoother taste, and finally, aged tequila, which is kept in barrels for a full year, thus acquiring a darker colour and an more pronounced taste.

Tequila is typically drunk a “caballito”, a special glass shaped like the tip of a bulls horn, which was the receptacle traditionally used in distilleries to test each batch of liquor as it came out of the still. Known since the beginning of the 16th century, tequila quickly gained connoisseurs the world over as it fulfilled the penchant for taste and aroma, affording either softness or smoothness in the throat.

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