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Main Courses

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Crispy corn cake, chicken or beef, lettuce, cheese and tomato sauce
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Corn tortilla with chicken, onion, pepper and melted cheese
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Vegetarian burrito

Flour pie with beans and sweet corn, onion, mushrooms, guacamole, melte chesse and tomato sauce.
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with chicken, beef or tuna and pinneaple: With flour pie, guacamole, melted cheese and tomato sauce.
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Pancakes stuffed with chicken or minced beef, cheese and beans
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Tijuana chicken breast

Baked chicken breast stuffed with cheddar and Thyme sauce, rice and Dolphin potaotes
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Chili with meat

Bowl of veal chili, baked potato with sour cream and mexican rice.
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Mixed brochette

Pork and chickenwith vegetables and seasoned potatoes.
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El Arriero Tips

Beef filet tips fried with bacon and vegetables, served with mexican rice and fried beans.
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Grilled veal steak with chef’s sauce , Dolphin potatoes and mexican rice
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Baby Ribs

Rack of veal baked with Mexican rice Dolphin potatoes BBQ sauce (For 2 people)
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Pork ribs

Ribs with Mexican rice Dolphin potatoes BBQ sauce
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Tequila prawns

Prawns sautéed in tequila with peppers and onions served with rice.
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vegetarian fajitas

Green and red pepper onion sweet corn mushrooms carrot beans green peas cake flour with sauces
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* … With cheese? CHICKEN, BEEF or SHRIMP. Green and red pepper, onion and flour cakes with sauces.
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