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The origin of Tijuana Tex-Mex dates back to 1991 when Toni took a trip to the EEUU where this type of food had been popular for some time and was just beginning to become know in Europe. The distinctive ethnic taste of Tex-Mex food and its relative unavailability in Ibiza inspired Toni to create an unparalleled restaurant, singular both in cuisine and atmosphere.

After searching finally for a head chef who specialized in this type of cooking, Tijuana was inaugurated in 1993 at its first location in San Antonio, the old dining room of the Hostal Alicante .It was Derek who headed up the kitchen in those days and who created its first menu.

The restaurant enjoyed immense popularity from the start and quickly established a name for itself as the most novel eating house in San Antonio. If soon became a favourite venue for local businesses with bookings for organised dinners and buffets increasing steadily. The attraction of authentic Tex-Mex cuisine served in an atmosphere of fun and festivity guaranteed groups a special evening that everyone would remember.

Toni’s interest in the Aztec and Mayan cultures led him to undertake various trips to Mexico in order to delve more deeply into the secrets of its gastronomy and its way of life. During his stays he would collect experiences, recipes and whatever craft and decorative objects he felt would create an authentic Mexican feeling.

The restaurant’s popularity kept pace with its rapidly expanding offer of distinctive Mexican cuisine. In fact, Tijuana Tex-Mex is the only restaurant of its genre in Ibiza that has outlasted all of its competitors, boasting twenty years of continuous year round service.

Toni’s travels kept spurring new ideas, finally prompting him to take a bold step forward and upgrade Tijuana Tex-Mex in every aspect. The idea was to create a spectacular venue that would virtually transport visitors to Mexico and at the same time accommodate the varied dining needs of his growing clientele.

On 21st December 2000, after eighteen months of work the new Tijuana Tex-Mex was inaugurated, although a seemingly endless stream of finishing touches and improvements were added over the following six months as well.

Spacious premises, a wide range of services, seating capacity for one hundred diners, an extensive menu and an absolutely breathtaking décor marked this new venue as one of Ibiza’s most sensational restaurants.

As the years passed its reputation as an upbeat and gastronomically exciting place to eat continued to grow. Soon there were contest and drawings for trips, free dinners and special events, such as the Mexican fiestas held at the local saints day celebrations in San Antonio and Santa Eulalia.

Tijuana Tex-Mex has also organized important buffets for many of the island’s nightclubs such as Pacha,(with 1500 guests), Amnesia, Es Paradis, Kaoos, Keeper, etc…and has often received celebrities such as Mike Oldfield, Agua, Malena Gracia, Doggie Lamping, etc.CospiCurrently Tijuana Tex-Mex is considered one of the island’s best restaurants, owing both to its unique atmosphere and to the experience gained with the passage of time which has allowed both service and cuisine to be honed to perfection.

In the ancient Maya and Aztec cultures, it was believed that the pleasure of eating resided in the joy of cooking, inasmuch as the degree of care and skill that went into the preparation of food was seen as a gesture of appreciation to the gods for having provided a plentiful harvest.

For this reason, we still believe a Tijuana Tex-Mex that the best service we can offer our customers is top quality dining steeped in an authentic Mexican ambience.

Welcome to your Mexican home away from home, “que lo pasen bonito” Live life the Mexican way and tell your story!

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