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In Mexico there are an infinite number of ethnic groups coexisting in both rural and urban environments. Among them, the Tex-Mex ethnicity has recently taken its place as a link between Mexico and United States, blending discreetly into both cultures while continuing to grow and to strengthen its hybrid cultural and biological identity. Although the original denomination Tex-Mex referred to Mexicans born in Texas, it was expanded its meaning to embrace a certain lifestyle which is now found much farther a field than Texas and the north of Mexico and which, in fact, extends over the whole southwest of the United States, spreading its colour over each state in a unique way.

Tex-Mex culture has become enriched by the dynamics of migration and has undergone various fusions such as those that took place in the culinary arts, where American manufacturing is used to expedite the production of foods as simple as machine pressed tortillas and vacuum-packed guacamole.

As a result of the integration that began in Texas, many of the cultural exchanges between this ethnic group and America’s root culture have travelled back into Mexico while additional Mexican elements continue to be absorbed into the Tex-Mex community.