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ijuana Tex Mex offers you fine ethnic dining a wide vaiiety of typical dishes.

Since 1993, our commitment to good food and good service has made our restauran one of the most visited venues in Ibiza. The authentic Mexican decor and festive atmosphere transform each meal into an unforgettable experience.

The origin of Tijuana Tex-Mex dates back to 1991 when Toni took a trip to the United States, where this type of food had been popular for some time and was just beginning to become known in Europe. The distinctive ethnic taste of Tex-Mex food and its relative unavailability in Ibiza inspired Toni to create an unparalleled restaurant, singular both in cuisine and atmosphere.

The restaurant enjoyed immense popularity from the start and quickly established a name for itself as the most novel eating house in San Antonio. It soon became a favourite venue for local businesses with bookings for organized dinners and buffets increasing steadily. The attraction of authentic Tex-Mex cuisine served in an atmosphere of fun and festivity guaranteed groups a special evening that everyone would remember.